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Kornit Software Upgrade


Upgrading Kornit Software

We upgraded our Kornit software in January 2016. We upgraded our Windows XP to Windows 7.  Since, we upgraded to Windows 7 we also had to install the new Kornit Storm Software for the machines.

Issues with the new software

We had a Kornit tech come out from Milwaukee to do our yearly maintenance plan and install the new software. The maintenance plan went smoothly, until we started upgrading the software.  The Kornit software was very troublesome at loading. One Kornit couldn’t get passed the splash screen and access the software.  Our Kornit’s were down nearly two weeks and was very frustrating. The parameters were all out of whack and we couldn’t get it to print without freezing the pallets.

Flew in another Tech

Kornit is very good at taking care of us, since we are on the yearly maintenance plan, where we get 35% off parts and tech support. A new tech came out from  Florida and reinstalled the operating system and the software. We finally got the software to load properly. However, we had alignment issues with the print heads. Luckily, this tech knew how to solve the issue. I want to give a shout out to Jason for helping me on the phone for 4 hours.

Kornit is a Fantastic company

I know I am complaining about the upgrade, but Kornit is truly a great company to work with. They didn’t leave us hanging and ultimately got the 2 Kornit Storm 2’s running. I was frustrated for two weeks, but we are back up and running. Kornit is ending us free ink to say sorry for the lost production and orders. Richard is a great service manager and is very responsive to our issues.

Questions on buying a new Kornit

If you are planning to purchase a new Kornit printer, feel free to give me a call and I can give you the details of what we experienced. We had some bad times and great times. The good times balance out the bad times. I suggest you have an artist and you are technically inclined with patience. The learning curve is about 1 year, until you are really up and printing. The payback period on the printers is roughly 4-5 years.

Looking to hearing from you,

Erik Mickelson

Operations Manager

Northwest Custom Apparel