Apparel Graphic Academy

How to file Paperwork

Is your embroidery shop a mess with paperwork. Here are some tips to file paperwork in your embroidery company.

Art Approvals: Keep in the art approval file until it is no longer necessary to keep proof of a customer approval.

Artwork: Original artwork should be filed in the customer file.

Bills of lading: Bills of lading for all shipments must be kept in the shipping department files. We need these records to trace any outbound shipments and to comply with the Department of Revenue requirements to prove out of state shipments.

Cancelled checks: are filed in the accounting office by month the check was written.

Catalogues for mailout: extra catalogues are next to the four head embroidery machine in the warehouse.

Catalogues: Catalogues are filed in our general catalogue filing cabinets and also in the salesmen’s catalogue filing cabinets. We also have vendor catalogues located in the file cabinet on the outside wall next to Janes’ office.

Charge Card Receipts: The original receipts are kept in the sales office in a white Credit Card Receipts binder. Credit card deposits are processed daily.

Cleaning supplies are in the cabinet next to the sample machine.

Contract Customers run cards: We have a special file for customers who have multiple run cards on files. These run cards are located in the large customer file cabinets. These will eventually be phased out with our new computer filing system.

Credit Applications: These are kept in the accounting office and should be completed for all customers.

Customer Files: Customer files are located in the warehouse and next to Kai’s  office. These files contain old run cards, correspondence, and general information. We are slowly reducing these files and starting to store more data in our computer system. If you have a problem finding a customer file check with the sales rep responsible for the account, sometime they keep the customer records in their office.

Customer Mail List: This is maintained in the My Mail Manager file. It should be updated as customer advises us of contact changes.

Deposits: are filed in the Accounting Office. A copy of the daily deposit with a photocopy of all customer checks is on file.