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How to market your landscape business and leave your competition crying.

As you know, Tacoma’s lawn and landscaping business can be a cutthroat industry, with competitors underbidding you to get a job. How do you prevent biding every job on price alone? I have some simple tips on how you can market your lawn and landscaping service in the Tacoma area to make money this season.

Wrap your Vehicle

  • Wrap your truck and trailer with your logo to get eyeballs on your name while out driving around.
  • You can wrap a truck and trailer for under $5,000.00, which is an excellent return on your money in marketing.
  • Your truck is on the road and in neighborhoods for 8 hours a day. Think of all the potential customers that will be seeing your logo.
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Yard Signs

  • You will leave a yard sign with your logo behind on every single job you do.
  • Neighbors will see your sign and the job you are doing, and you will receive instant creditability.
  • You can instantly have all the neighborhood’s business by strategically placing your signs.

Door Hangers

  • Spread the word by hanging door hangers around the neighborhood.
  • Door Hangers are an excellent investment, and you can purchase 5,000 hangers for under $500.00
  • I use a trick to tie a rubber band around the hanger and the doorknob to ensure the wind won’t blow it off. Plus, it makes it a little more difficult for the homeowner to remove it without reading it.

Embroidered Caps with your Logo

  • Have your crew look professional while working a job. Don’t be the crew that shows up in Metallica shirts with a cigarette hanging from their lips.
  • Caps provide marketing exposure for pennies on the dollar. A $20.00 embroidered cap with your logo generally is read over 100 times per day. That is some excellent return on your marketing investment.
  • Embroidered caps build employee morale and camaraderie. Could you imagine being on a football team without a uniform?
Archterra Landscape buys their jackets, caps and hoodies from Northwest Custom Apparel

Logoed Performance Tee Shirts

  • Believe it or not, the Northwest has 80-degree temperatures in July – September, and keeping your crew cool is necessary.
  • Performance t-shirts are moisture-wicking that keeps you cool while on your standup mower.
  • Northwest Custom Apparel in Milton, WA, has introduced a full-color transfer for performance t-shirt that is durable and shows your logo in vivid colors.

Make your competition cry

  • Your competition isn’t forward marketing-centric like you.
  • Your competitors will see your nicely wrapped truck and trailer with your crew all swaged out in embroidered caps and performance t-shirts.
  • Your marketing power will bring a tear to your competitors.
  • Put cash in your pocket this year and market your business like a pro.

Northwest Custom Apparel has been outfitting Landscapers since 1977.

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