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Kornit increases cash flow

Holding Inventory

Holding inventory for any fulfillment program is costly and sometimes risky. The trend is for companies to require the decorator to hold inventory for at once delivery. It’s ship whenever the customer wants it.

The risk is transferred to the decorator. If the decorator wants the business they have to share 100% of the risk. This is a killer for cash flow and potentially inventory shrinkage.

But the answer to this monumental problem is to print and ship on demand. Enter Kornit DTG printers.

Using the Kornit DTG and a vendor with one day shipping is the answer to this problem. Decosourse has a tight relationship with a very large vendor who guarantees next day delivery if the order is in by 3 pm.

Using this formula creates the ideal fulfillment business model. Customer get immediate delivery of their product and now has the option of choosing different colors, sizes, and quantities. The Kornit DTG is easy to set up once the original art work has been loaded into the data base and recalled when needed. Try doing this with a screen order.

The big advantage of using the Kornit DTG is small run quantities, print on demand, cash out will almost match cash in. If you have COD customers its a slam dunk. Generally suppliers will give you 30 day terms which is a comfortable envelope to work in.

Decosource has 2 Kornit printers and can deliver around 800 full color units a day. Not bad for one operator.


Jim Mickelson, CEO

Northwest Custom Apparel


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