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How to Give an Embroidery Sales Rep Review

How to Review a Sales Rep

This is a short write up that will give you ideas how to give a review

Previous Review:  August 20th 2017

We moved Karen from the front desk to the cubicle, so she wouldn’t be distracted writing the contract orders.  Karen doesn’t have to be the first to greet customers, answer the phone or customer pickup.

Order Flow: Orders are being processed efficiently. Boxes are being counted and moved to Sally quickly.

Invoiced Since August 20th 2017

Contract Garments:   $44,607.73: Average Order size: $250.00

Contract Caps:  $17,803.10: Average Order Size:     $250.00

2017: Invoiced August 20th to November 13th 2017

Contract Garments: $28,745.16: Average Order Size:  150.00

Contract Caps: $15,500: Average Order Size: $280.00

Order Size:

We need to stick to our mins: 12 Garments and 16 caps (preferably 24 caps)


Less than min: Take the total for 12 and divided it by the number they are providing. We will get the same price, but less garments.  We can be lenient on the rule if the customer just gave us a 100 piece order in the last 2 weeks and needs a fill in. We don’t take main orders below our min.


Digitizing: If they want their disk, it’s a case by case scenario.  Official policy is $12.00 per thousand to have reproduction rights. We sell at $8.00 per thousand since they are doing the work with us. Maybe we should ask the customer up front how they want the charge. 8 or 12 bucks.

We can let some GOOD customers have their disk if we know they are really going to use it for smaller orders. Steve has final say if we release it.


David Williams: This could get out of hand if we don’t watch it closely.  David doesn’t get any special pricing or deals from us.  We need to charge him extra for things like, excessive sampling, color changes on designs, excessive handing of orders.  If we can’t process his orders like any other customer we will need to drop his program. Paying: He has a credit card on file and must pay when the order is completed. Box of disks: David needs to take his disks home. He must submit over email the design in .dst format.


PSST: Please keep mentioning the PSST program to customers.


Digital Print: All the contract customers need to know we offer digital print. Keep reminding them.