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The future is DTG Printing

Is direct to garment printing the look of the future

The answer is definitely it is. I was counting the ads in our trade magazines and you can find a ad for digital printing equipment on almost every other page.

How come machines cost so much

The best machines are very expensive. But you get what you pay for. The best machine on the market is the Kornit. Against all competitor’s equipment it is the best.

You can get into the market with a entry level $8,500.00 piece of equipment. These machines will generally last about 6 month and only print of white tees.

If you want color be prepared to spend a little more. But you have to buy a pre-treatment sprayer to prepare your shirts to accept colored inks. . They forgot to tell you that you will need to run the shirt through a clam shell heat press of both ends of the production cycle.

The production cycle

  • Pre treat tee shirt with pre treatment solution.
  • Run pre treated shirt through a clam heat press to prepare for printing
  • Print tee shirt
  • Run again through a clam shell heat press to set ink.
  • Fold shirt and deliver to customer

Deco Source cycle

  • Load shirt into printer
  • Take shirt out of printer and run through a dryer
  • Fold and deliver to customer

Printing a full color design with the Kornit takes about 2 minutes. Printing on the other guy’s printer is about 15 minutes.

I think it is worth the extra price. Check it out. Digital printers are coming.

Jim Mickelson DTG expert