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Fun Pack and Catalogs

Giving is a great way Get Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is extremely expensive in the custom apparel industry. On average you will spend $124.46 per new lead that turns into a paying customer. That customer on average will give you $550.00 in yearly sales. The great thing is the customer will come back yearly and you can multiply the $550.00 by the number of years the customer buys. So if you invest $124.46 and in return in 10 years you get $5,500.00 in sales with a 40% margin is a pretty darn good on your ROI.

Ideas to acquire customers.

We put together Fun Packs that have several promo items and a catalog in the box. We put in a ruler, beanie, chap-stick and a letter opener along with our current catalog. The cost to mail and items is $12.34 per box. We send out 100 boxes and get about 20 orders in 4 months and after a year it turns into about 50. That is a 50% return!  Not bad for sending out some boxes and being nice to your customer. Here is a photo of the fun pack

fun pack

Photo of the catalogs we include with the fun pack


Advice to you

Stop being Cheap and put your marketing dollars to work. It will pay off in the long run. Think long term in business!

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