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France to outlaw e-mail after hours

France to outlaw e-mail after hours

The French are so fed up with e-mail that the government is proposing that all work related e-mails after 5 PM be illegal. The idea is put forward because the French work force feels they are overworked.

This law is being drafted because of the high level of stress among employees who are asked to take their work home. This is really a interesting idea because in American we find our work force glued to their cell phones or I Pads.

In American we live and die by our cellphone

In America we have no problem keeping our cell phones on after hours just to possibly get that extra edge on our fellow workers. We are so work driven that we do suffer from stress and monitor our cell phones constantly. Its a ugly situation we have created.

Social Media takes up our free time

Social media is taking up our free time. Everywhere you go people have their heads down and they are focused in on the cell phone. Ordering take out, ordering from Amazon or checking in at the office computer is the norm.

The old days were fun

It used to be so nice going on the road with a pocket full of quarters and checking in from the nearest phone booth. I went looking for a phone booth and actually found one but the phone was missing. Is there any place you can go to get space.

Decosource does not encourage after hour use

At Northwest Custom Apparel, we do not encourage company cell phone use after hours. When people give their best during the day its foolish to push the envelope. After hours and weekends should be for the enjoyment of everyone. Its not necessary to be a slave to your cell phone.