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Five Benefits of Wearing Embroidered Corporate Apparel in Seattle

1. Belonging

Employees that wear corporate-embroidered clothes in Seattle identify more strongly with what their organization represents. Wearing the name or logo can have a powerful effect that not only encourages the staff but also creates a team atmosphere among staff. Productivity increases when you have a staff feeling cohesive during the day-to-day operations.

2 men wearing black hoodies no smiling
Achterra Landscaping Services uses custom embroidery to protect their landscapers

2. Equality

You may not be implementing a uniform policy, but by offering branded clothing, you offer the satisfaction of not having to compete with apparel. It keeps employees from feeling inferior if they don’t wear high-fashion outfits or dramatic styles. You want everyone to feel that they not only fit in but also look tidy and professional.

3. Accountability

By wearing branded clothes, it means that all of your employees are distinguishable members of your staff. People know who your employees are, whether in an office environment, active on project sites, networking meetings, or tradeshows.

It also helps staff to be in the mindset of having personal responsibility for their brand’s reputation. They are viewed and judged by those who interact with them. Branded clothing reminds them that professional conduct is critical while representing your organization. Northwest Custom Apparel in Seattle can help you with accountability with embroidery.

4. Visibility

If your business involves staff spending time in either outdoor or public places– for example, construction sites – your crew will advertise your business while they work. Clothing that has been printed or embroidered is brand-building power for your organization.

Corporate clothing will help make members, staff, and volunteers more identifiable in places such as retail or an expo hall. It improves customer service and sales by assisting customers who can easily find you. Try North Face Embroidered jackets and stitch your logo on the left chest.  Seattle companies have been using North Face jackets for years.

5. Simplicity

The easiest way to have staff wear appropriate outfits to work is by providing them. Corporate embroidered clothing or uniforms can also help simplify the Seattle workplace safety concerns. You can decrease liability by providing safety boots, high-visibility clothing, hard hats, or fire-retardant jackets.

The North Face Embroidered Jackets are a Big Hit at Northwest Custom Apparel