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How to Fire a Sales Rep

When a Sales Rep Isn’t Delivering the Orders.

How do we fire a sales rep that has been here for years? Businesses change, and sometimes that means firing sales reps. It can even mean firing someone who’s been at the company for decades.

Customer Complaints

Most sales reps have issues with customer complaints and that is when the sales manager needs to see what is going on.  Usually the sales rep will lie and say there is no problem to cover his/her butt. As a sales manager you need to call the customer and get the entire story. The old saying, “There’s always two sides of the story”. If you get several complaints from different customers it is time to think about firing the sales rep.

Low Sales

Sales reps that are getting a salary and have no incentive to sell usually sit back and wait for the orders to come in. They aren’t out there hustling and shaking the bushes and trees. They become order takers, instead of order makers. If you don’t see any yearly growth in the reps sales, you need to warn him/her or let them go. You need to be tough as a sales manager and don’t let the sales reps take advantage of you.

Drugs or Alcohol

Be aware that many sales reps are not highly educated and enjoy partaking in drinking and sometimes drugs. You need to be aware of this all the time. Reps that arrive late or have money issues point to a bigger problem outside the office. Any drug use, you must FIRE immediately. I would give a warning on the alcohol abuse, but ZERO tolerance on Drugs.

Go Internet and Fire All the Reps

We have never heard of a computer snorting cocaine and passing out at the office. A computer works 24-7 and doesn’t back talk you. Fire disrespectful sales reps and invest into a website with intense SEO. You will be happy in the near future.

Watch Donald Trump

A good show to watch is Donald Trump’s, The Apprentice. Donald does not take any crap from anybody. Live the Donald way and you will be rolling in the profits!