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Employee Christmas Gift Sending is outpacing predictions for 2020

The first quarter of the year has proven challenging for every facet of the sales and marketing industry. With an unprecedented number of people working remotely, finding ways to connect has never been more important. 

Sending direct mail, gifts, and swag has always been an excellent way to make contacts and strengthen connections to customers and prospects near and far. And in times like these when building relationships in person isn’t possible (and likely permanently for the future), sending has become a vital component of the overall playbook.

Ken Bines from Northwest Custom Apparel preparing a holiday gift box for employees

Christmas Gifts are outpacing 2019

Within recent years, more companies have been incorporating direct mail, gifting, and swag into their go-to-market mix, eager to rise above the noise of email and digital ads. And companies that have embraced sending are ramping up their programs, impressed with its results. In fact, with monthly sends of direct mail, gifts, and swag growing 36% year over year from 2018 to 2019. Experts in the industry expect this trend will continue to gain traction in 2020.