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Embroidered Cap and T-Shirt Combo $9.99

Northwest Custom Apparel

It is summer time and it’s time to order your embroidered t-shirts and baseball caps early. Northwest Custom Apparel is offering a t-shirt and cap combo for just $9.99. You get a black cap (black only) and your choice of color on the t-shirt. The cap and the t-shirt include an 8,000 embroidery logo. The minimum order is 72 per t-shirt and 72 per t-shirt. This is a limited time offer. There is approximately 1,200 baseball caps in stock.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Erik got this idea from the merchandising manager at Buffalo Wild Wings. They package their t-shirts and caps together and all it the “Wing Combo”. It increases revenue and volume of logo merchandise inside the Restaurants.

Olympia Beer does Cap Combos

Olympia Beer took the suggestion from Erik Mickelson and now their gift stores are having the cap/shirt combo. The Oly cap is a mesh cap with a patch on front. The shirt is a distressed print of the Olympia Brewery.