Apparel Graphic Academy

DTG San Mar

At Deco Source we are always testing the best tee shirt on the market for suitability for DTG (Kornit) printing

We use the Kornit DTG printers and want to keep them happy by giving them the best Tee Shirt on the market.

We found that the PC61 from San Mar is hands down the best Tee on the market to keep our Kornits happy. The answer is simply “consistency.” We know that the tees from San Mar are made in the same factory and from the same materials.

We have had problems with shirts from other Tee Shirt manufacturers because they are made in different factories, cotton is sourced from different suppliers and most important there are shading problems. With San Mar we don’t have these problems.

Also we get 100% free freight from San Mar which is passed on to our customers who don’t directly enjoy this benefit.

Jim Mickelson DTG expert