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DTG printing leads the way

Digital to Garment printing

Digital to Garment printing is coming to the market faster than expected. It is a whole new process for decorating apparel. The ease of entry is unreal. All the training necessary is to learn how to point and click. The design shows up on a computer screen and it is good to print.

DTG is superior

DTG is actually superior to screen printing for small orders. It still is cost effective for large orders to be done by the traditional screen printing method. Anything less than 48 pieces is a slam dunk for DTG printing.

Fast set up

The advantage of digital to garment is the set up. If good vector art is available the set up can take 30 minutes or less. If this is a re-order the time to click and go is less than a minute. check out our you tube

The more colors the better for DTG work. Comparing a six color design to screen print vs. DTG the set up for screen printing can take at least 3 hours or more. Burning a screen for each color is not economical for small orders because it will drive the cost through the roof.

Clean up time

Clean up time for digital to garment is nil. Clean up time for screen printing is about10 minutes each screen or color. A six color print will take an hour to clean up. There is essentially no clean up for DTG. It’s move on to the next order and push the print button.

Set up cost

The cost for set up is always less compared to a multi-color screen print. It is simply from the computer screen to the printer. Average cost which is one time is usually $40.00 often referred to a rip charge. There is never a charge for re-order setup. 19948-harley-ride-for-autism-sw

Small multi-color orders are best addressed by DTG printing. When time is the relevant factor the order can be in before 10 and delivered by 5 the same day.  Unreal.