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Kornit DTG Printing Reduces Custom Shirts Holding Costs

Holding inventory for any fulfillment store program can be costly and risky. The current trend is for companies to require the decorator to have stock to provide customers with a once-delivery service. This presents a difficult challenge, as it puts the risk of inventory shrinkage on the shoulders of the decorator and creates cash flow issues.

T-shirts For Fast Delivery

Fortunately, Kornit DTG printers offer an ideal solution that benefits both the customer and the decorator. With print-on-demand capabilities, small quantities of prints can be produced for immediate delivery—cash outflow will match cash inflow. Additionally, since Northwest Custom Apparel has two Kornit printers, they can deliver up to 800 units per day with just one operator.

man in front of a kornit dtg printer examing a t-shirt
Kortnit DTG printers reduce inventory costs.

Advantages of Kornit Printing

Kornit DTG printing offers several advantages: customers get their product quickly, they have access to different colors, sizes, and quantities, and orders by 3 pm are guaranteed next-day delivery from a trusted vendor. This makes setting up and recalling original artwork easy, which would be impossible with screen printing. Like a slam dunk, this system provides seamless integration between supplier and decorator, allowing the decorator to receive 30-day payment terms—a comfortable cushion for cash flow management.


In conclusion, Kornit DTG printers represent a revolutionary advancement for the fulfillment business model. By using these systems, decorators can reduce costs and risks while providing customers fast, reliable service.