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DTG pre treating in one cycle

Pre treating for digital to garment printing

There are several pre treating systems available for direct to garment printing. All work but not all are efficient. Some pretreat systems take as long as three minutes which is time spent even before the garment is run through the printer.

The basic process for Digital Printing using an inexpensive printing generally involves pre treating the garment in a solution to make the ink adhere to the garment.  There are different ways to apply the pre treatment. The simplest is a Wagner hand sprayer and applying the pretreatment solution. After giving the garment a good spray the next step is to dry tine solution by using a clam shell heat press to set the pretreatment solution.

This video tells it all.

Next step is to print the garment. This generally takes 3-5 minutes in the printer.  When done printing it is back to the clam shell heat press to set the ink and complete the cycle. Time in the clam shell 45 seconds. This completes the cycle of directly printing to the garment.

Decosource uses a completely different system where we combine all the above steps into one cycle.

The first step is what we call click and print. The design is entered into our DTG printer computer then we press the button to pre treat and print in one cycle.

All our pre treating is done in one cycle on our Kornit printers. The Kornit has a patented pre treat process which allows for 100% increase in productivity.  No Wagner sprayers or pretreatment tunnel.  The Kornit has a wet on wet system which allows the application of pre treatment and the actual printing in one cycle. Once the cycle is complete the garment is run through a dryer and the cycle is complete. Total time printing and pre treating is less than three minutes. Having a efficient dryer we can do up to 30 dark shirts and 60 white shirts per hour.

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To sum it up if you want speed use a printer which does the pre treatment and printing in one cycle.