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Don Sidel A Northwest Apparel Pioneer passes away

We were sad to learn that this past weekend Don Sidel founder of Don’s Group attire in Seattle passed away. Don was 91.

We first met Don in the early 80’s after he had closed his men’s store in Seattle. Don sold all the blazers and gray slacks to every athletic team in the northwest. Times were changing and dressing up was moving to casual. Teams did not want to look their best anymore.

Don had a different business plan after closing his store. He would sell decorated apparel to businesses and athletic teams. Only he would do it from a small store front on Aurora ave. in Seattle. Don was friends with all the coaching staffs from the Huskies and Buffalo Bills  to the Seattle Seahawks. They loved this little guy who always had a smile and a joke. He had the personality and drive to make this happen.

We were Don’s main supplier for embroidery for at least 10 years.  He became so successful that we saw him almost every day with projects he brought south to have us decorate. We all admired how hard he worked. When he wasn’t coming down Marilyn would fill in for him. the two of them made it happen

We enjoyed such a good relationship working together. Finally we had to tell him to get his own embroidery machine and start saving some money. He was working himself to death and we were too deep in his pockets.

He took our advise and moved from his little hovel on Aurora to a larger store front, bought a embroidery machine, and brought his son Alan on board. This was a brilliant move.

The company did so well that it was now time to get more equipment and more space. They built a new building on first avenue, added more equipment and son Arthur joined the team. The snowball now was primed to grow. Don had his team in place.

The company grew and is now the premier supplier of logo apparel in the Seattle area. All due to Don’s not quitting.

Don and I were the best of friends. I would like to drive to Seattle to have lunch and listen to Don talk about his boys. He was so proud of them. He had these corny jokes which I heard so many times but each one was funny as to how he told them.

One of Don’s last jobs was to wait for the armored truck so he could make the weekly deposit. I would crack up every time he told me that story.

We will never forget Don Sidel.

Rest in peace my friend

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