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Don Sidel, An Apparel Industry Pioneer Passes Away

Our Good Friend Don Sidel

Don's Group Attire
Don during World War II

Our good friend Don Sidel passed away peacefully in his sleep this past weekend. Don was 91 and was still active in his business.

Don and his father Archie owned Don’s a men’s store in Seattle. Don’s was the “go to” company for blazers and gray slacks for all the athletic teams in the northwest. Don eventually closed the business as fashion trends changed and athletes stopped dressing up.

We first met Don in the early 80’s when he was starting from scratch after closing the men’s store. His business model was to provide logo apparel for his large customer base. It proved to be a success as he was the only company at that time selling logo apparel direct to business.

Some of Don’s bell weather accounts were the Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, and University of Washington. His shirt line caught on and we were beginning to see him almost daily with something he needed embroidered.

We liked to say Northwest was the largest embroidery company in the Northwest and Don’s was the second. He was was a workaholic.

Fortunately Don was able to bring his son Alan into the business to take some of the load off Don’s back. This move proved to be the right thing and his business continued to grow. The company finally bought a embroidery machine, we did our best to support him. He was getting eaten up travelling down to Milton almost every day and then having to pay for decoration. The move was brilliant.

After becoming a embroidery decorator, Don built a new building on first avenue and his son Arthur entered the business. There was no looking back. The three of them formed a dynamic team that made the business explode. Don taught his boys well.

Don started to slow down but the last job his boys gave him was to wait for the armored car to stop by so he could make the bank deposit.

Don you will be missed. Rest in piece.

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