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Direct to garment sales tips

Selling Direct to Garment is easy

Selling Direct to Garment printing is so much easier than selling custom screen print apparel. The reason is that you are not limited by detail and colors. Screen printing is difficult to do if there are more than six colors in the design.23298-rollie-tavern-swGet your customers to switch

Getting your customers to switch from screen printing to digital printing can be real easy once you explain the benefits of digital printing. Rollies Tavern is a good example of a multi color design

The most important benefit is that the ink used in digital printing is not toxic. There is no cancer carrying cacogenic compounds in the ink used for digital printing. Digital apparel printing uses water based ink which is chemical free.

Digital is a clean environment

Digital print shops are clean and the air is chemical free. The work environment is pleasant.

Soft hand

Digital ink produces a softer hand or touch. Screen print ink is hard and rough to the touch. The screen print ink is not absorbed by the garment and it lies on top of the material giving a harsh feel to the garment. Women often complain of rubbing next to the skin with a screen printed garment. You will never get this with digital inks.

Art work is easier to reproduce using digital printing. There is no limit to the amount of colors you can use when going digital. Screen printing uses a spot color technique. Each color has to be printed separately. It is a slow and tedious effort to bring a screen print design to life. With digital no separations are necessary it is just scan and print.


Rush delivery

Digital set up takes less time which allows for rush orders to be done in a short span of time. Digital orders can be done in as little as one hour when necessary. We have customers bring us camera ready art and we can be printing right away.

Decosource specializes in fast turn around and small orders. We can also do fill ins as small as one piece. Try this with screen printing especially multi color jobs.