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DTG printing is much better than Screen Printing.

DTG is much better than screen printing

The answer is send it to Decosource.  Decosource has two state of the art Kornit printers which are groomed for small order production. With Kornit all we ask of our customer is to bring us good art. We prefer EPS to make our life easier.

Lets think about the time of DTG vs a screen print order with 6 colors. One screen is necessary for each color and one extra screen for the white under base. Inks have to be mixed to meet the color requirements. Then comes the press check and we hope everything is done correctly. If not we go back to the drawing board.Jim Oktoberfest

Assume we did a decent job printing the 6 colors.(actually 7 because we have to print a white undercoat.

No mess with DTG

Now the clean up begins. Add another hour or two to the order to clean up the mess.

The order was for 6 colors and a lot of printers are not equipped to print 6 colors assuming the seventh color is white undercoat.

It’s coming and we have to aware that traditional plastisol inks contain carcinogenic Studies have been done which show these inks are harmful to children under the age of 12 years. The consumer protection act even states these chemicals are harmful.

Now let’s examine direct to garment printing.  This is commonly referred to as DTG printing.

DTG process

The process for DTG printing is have good art work. Good art work means easy set up. The computer is going to do everything.

Good art work means it’s time to point and click. All that is necessary now is to load the computer which drives the Direct to Garment printer. Time taken is less than 30 minutes.

Printing is a snap. The computer tells the printer what to print and it is as easy as one, two, three.

Erik Mickelson
Erik Mickelson showing off the multicolor design.

Loading printer is fast and saves a tremendous amount of labor. DTG set up compared to traditional screen printing is a breeze. (actually Kornit has a printer called the Breeze)

Good artist is all you need

To conclude all you need for DTG work is a good artist. Their productivity will increase when doing DTG art because there are not screens to set up. Check out the colors on this shirt. The setup was $40.00 for everything.