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Direct to Garment Printer Explodes

Direct to Garment printer explodes. This sounds crazy but it is true. We have been using DTG printers since 2009 and this one was probably just exhausted and worn out. We don’t want to name the manufacturer because we made a lot of money with that machine. We are up here in the Pacific Northwest and getting parts from a east coast distributer is brutal. We decided to junk it or sell it for parts

We were introduced to DTG printing years ago and that’s why we purchased a few machines. We have subsequently upgraded and spent a lot more money to purchase the Konnit Storm II. We have two of them and they are sure work horses. Once we had them installed and running it seems we never shut them down. We are located in the Seattle area.

There are a few glitches in the Kornits but are not a problem the most critical is your really have to monitor the humidity. We bought a humidifier which feeds both machines. We run the humidifiers  religiously every day when we are printing.  We have never had a head clog up because of the ink. The cost of a new ink head is a killer.

One piece of advice is to keep your machines running at all times. You have to let the heads purge on the weekends and when you come back on Monday they are ready to print.

Vulcan, Kornit, DTG

Getting back to the machine which exploded. It didn’t literally explode but the ink tubes got loose and we had ink everywhere. It was really funny and everyone got a big kick out of it.. We decided to junk the machines for parts. I called up one of my competitors and he bought the printer for $1,000.00. This was one heck of a deal because parts are getting hard to come by.

I think the manufacturers plan for this equipment to break down so you will buy the newest models because parts are not available.

Well we surprised everyone and stepped up to the plant and purchased Kornits. Very expensive but 100% reliable.