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DTG is better than Screen Print

The question is now is what is better Direct to Garment printing or Screen Print printing.

Direct to Garment often referred to as DTG printing is new and entering the production shops of decorators around the world. The reason for this evolution is that companies want a system which is easy to learn, operate and is environmentally friendly.

Most DTG systems are a four step process.

The first step is to pre-treat the garment with a pretreatment machine to apply the pretreatment solution to the garment.

Then setting the pretreatment with a heat press machine.

Step 3 print the garment

Step 4 back to the clam shell heat press.

This complicated process takes at least 10 minutes per item.
The heat and pressure is done with a clam shell heat press.
Decosource has a totally different and efficient process operating the Kornit DTG printer to print their shirts. The Kornit system eliminates the manual pretreatment process.
The system Decosource uses is a two step process.

Step 1 is load the garment on the printer platen, push the start button and


The pre-treatment is self contained in the Kornit printer and speeds up production by eliminating the pre-treat step of all other machines on the market.
Step 2 The final step is to remove the garment from the Kornit printer run through the dryer and then fold and finish.
The positive features of DGT printing is the finished product. The end result is a garment with a soft feel. The plastisol ink used in screen printing leaves a hard finish which is annoying to women. The plastisol ink also has carcinogenic compounds which have proved harmful to humans. This problem will eventually be addressed and screen print shops will start to come in compliance with the consumer protection laws.
Another positive feature of DTG printing is set up time. All you have to do is download your artwork click the green button and print. This process will print and infinite number of colors.

Screen printing we know takes a separate screen for each color. This eliminates the ability to print small orders with no screen set up and clean up.3966
To summarize DTG is faster, time efficient, cleaner, exact design matching and easy to use.