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Define the embroidery process

Removing chaos from the embroidery production department. You can bring order to your chaos if you just write it down. We are going to address job descriptions and why they should be written down. This is an excellent way to fine tune your company and define everyone’s responsibilities.

Even small companies should have a procedure manual and the production manager should be responsible for keeping it up to date. With areas of responsibility clearly outlined there is less chance of overlap and even worse disagreements. Job descriptions are excellent for job applicants to let them know what they are getting into.

In a small shop the job descriptions must be combined. For example prep and finishing can be defined as one job. Lead finisher and quality control can be combined into one job. The most important thing is to get it written down.3989

These descriptions are for a small shop. In larger shops where you have the team concept duties can be segregated more easily to become more proficient. In a team concept every team with at least four members should have a team leader for guidance and leadership. Teams can be judged by error free performance and productivity with a bonus for meeting goals.

Here are a few ideas

Embroidery Pre-Inspector

Pre-inspection and Prep fills out the paperwork and inventories garments. Unpacks boxes and keeps in good condition for final packing and shipping

Responsible for checking styles, colors and quantities against the work order or purchase order.

Embroidery Machine Operator

Produces embroidery orders according to the specifications provided. Reviews each order for completeness and makes sure correct thread and backing is used in the order.cropped-erik-green-screen-small-for-blog.jpg

Loads machine with correct program. Works ahead on setting up next order.

Always produces a sample for supervisor acceptance. Maintains quality control while the order is being stitched.

Resolves all problems before starting order.

Embroidery Finisher

Prepares embroidered goods for delivery to customer.

Removes excess thread and backing from garment.

Puts in plastic bags and attaches labels

Turns in paperwork to accounting for billing and payments.

We do all of the above at Decosource for both our embroidery and direct to garment orders. Decosource is a certified DTG printer in Milton, Wa. right next to the city of Tacoma