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Deco Source does superbowl

January 1987 we were getting ready to go to sleep for the winter

January 1987y Northwest Embroidery received a phone call inquiring if we had cap embroidery machines. Northwest did have 4 multihead cap embroidery machines. We were one of the first companies in the northwest to make such an investment. We had the capability to directly embroider on caps.

Cap embroidery was new

Historically if you wanted embroidery on a cap it had to be done before the cap was assembled. The other option was to make a patch and sew it on the cap. Northwest was the leader in patch caps or also called “trucker caps.” Northwest had been manufacturing trucker caps since 1977.

We responded in the affirmative. The inquiring company was a promotion company from New York. They had a license to make product for the New York Giants. What they were going do was feed a “hot market” for the New York Giants caps if the Giants were going to the Superbowl.

Giants had to win

All the Giants had to do was beat the Washington Redskins and it was Superbowl in Pasadena time.

This was our first introduction to hot market decorating.

We were very excited and became instant New York Giant fans as our Seahawks were out of the picture. The Giants did defeat the Redskins and Northwest was off to the Superbowl.

Our arrangement was make as many caps as we could and at the end of the day call Federal Express who will pick up the caps and deliver to New York City.

The next milestone we were hoping for was that the Giants would defeat John Elway and the Broncos in Pasadena.

Giants win 1987 Superbowl (39-20)

File:Super Bowl XXI Logo.svgPhil Sims and Lawrence Taylor did theirs jobs and defeated the Broncos. We were sold out until the end of February.

It was like we go from zero winter production to full bore summer. Can we do this again. I doubt it. The cost of a license today is astronomical. But it was a great run.

Serendipity. We now now the real meaning of the word.