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Same Day Printed T-Shirts

Customized Printed T-Shirts printed the Same Day

Same Day Shirts
Are you in a rush and need shirts by 5pm the same day? Try Same Day Tee’s and you will be impressed. Submt your order by 10 am and pick up by 5 pm. This is offered by Northwest Custom Apparel

Are you in a bind and need custom t-shirts printed in your hands the same day? Northwest Custom Apparel has the solution for you with their Kornit Direct To Garment printers. They guarantee if you place your order by 10 am you can pick up your order by 5 pm.  The way Northwest Custom Apparel can do this is by their state of the art direc to garment printers. The printers require no screens like traditional screenprinting. The printers just need a high resolution 300 dpi image and you are good to go. The Same Day Tee Shirt model will revolutionize the custom printed t-shirt industry. Operations Manager, Erik Mickelson, spearheaded this new service after visiting industry consultant, Mark Venit, in Maryland last year.

Same Day Tee’s

Pete Bolsni from Same Day Tee’s in Illinois also offers the speedy service at printing. Pete takes care of the Mid-West and East Coast and Northwest Custom Apparel handles all the orders in the Northwest.  Depending on where you live you can select from Same Day Tee’s or Northwest Custom Apparel in Washington State. You can visit same day tees at or Northwest Custom Apparel at

Delivery and Pricing

The pricing for same day delivery is nominal because you need to have the shirts right away. We are able to pull you out of a crunch and make you look like a hero in front of your boss and customers. Many customers wait to the last week and some actually wait until the last day. We are filling the niche for the customers that can’t remember to order their shirts early for an event. Normal turn time for shirts is 2 weeks, so we are pushing the limits by offering Same Day Service.  Fill free to give us a call at 253-922-5793 and speak with our customer service reps.


Erik Mickelson

Northwest Custom Apparel