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Correct use of embroidery backing

What type of backing should you use for embroidery.

There are several factors to consider. The stability of the garment, stitch density, color, machine speed are variables which can affect the embroidery design.

There are three types of backing you should consider. Tear away, cut away and fusible.

One tip is that the lighter the fabric the heavier the backing to stabilize the design. Light fabrics improperly backed will pucker and look terrible.

Tear away backing

Tear away backing must be strong enough to support the design and tear easily in either direction when finishing the design. Low cost and ease of handling make this a popular backing. It comes in all weights and can be used on all applications. However be careful on light weight fabrics and sweaters.

Cut away backing

Cut away backing provides the most stable base for embroidery. It should always be used for light weight fabrics. It has a very soft hand and will feel comfortable when coming in touch to the skin. However this backing must be cut away and don’t try tearing it away. Careful cutting will produce a beautiful finished piece of embroidery.

You can have all the best backing in the world but if you hoop your fabric wrong it will look terrible.

Fusible backing

Fusible backing is used on super light weight fabrics. Golf shirts made from cotton lile are really soft to the touch and the only way to get a good design is to actually fuse the backing to the material. Removal takes a little longer but it is well worth it. You should charge a premium for this type of embroidery because you are selling a expensive garment.

Puff printdigitizing

Beware of puff print. Don’t use the thick puff print backing because it won’t fill in properly. It will also fall apart when washing. The best puff print is done at the factory when the cap is being made.

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