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Contract Embroidery

You’ve just landed a major client who wants their logo on a thousand polos, and you realize it’s time to turn to contract embroidery. As the experts in stitching your brand into tangible marketing tools, they’ve got you covered.

For over two decades, businesses like yours have trusted these services to embroider millions of designs. Imagine a seamless process where your ideas are brought to life by professionals using the latest in embroidery technology.

You’re not just buying a service but investing in a partnership where quality meets consistency, and every thread counts. With competitive pricing, swift turnaround times, and a commitment to your satisfaction, contract embroidery is the intelligent choice for your high-volume apparel needs.

Dive into the world of professional stitching, where your brand’s image is woven into every piece with precision and flair.

caps stitching on an embroidery machine.
Contract Embroidery is perfect for promo product distributors

Contract Embroidery Companies

Contract embroidery companies are pivotal players in the decorated apparel industry, offering specialized services to elevate your brand’s apparel with high-quality stitching and customization. These firms are experts in custom embroidery, ensuring every detail of your logo or design is meticulously replicated.

Whether you’re a promotional products company looking to outsource embroidery tasks or a business seeking to add a personal touch to uniforms, a contract embroidery service is your go-to solution. By partnering with a contract embroidery company, you’re not just getting a service but enhancing your product line with a mark of excellence.

They precisely handle small and large orders, providing a seamless experience from digitization to the final embroidered garment.

Contract Embroidery Services

While you want to enhance your product line, contract embroidery services ensure your brand’s identity is flawlessly captured and presented on each piece of apparel. These services pride themselves on delivering high-quality workmanship that stands out in the competitive market.

With years of experience, contract embroidery providers like Say It In Stitches have built a reputation for producing the highest quality embroidered goods. They handle small and large orders with the same attention to detail, ensuring quality work in every stitch.

As you partner with these experts, you’ll benefit from their commitment to excellence, gaining a superior product for your clients and a boost in your brand’s prestige.

The Best Contract Embroidery Prices

When searching for the most competitive contract embroidery pricing, it’s essential to consider the value you’re getting for each dollar spent. As a new customer, you’ll find prices ranging from $.75 to $2.00 per thousand stitches.

To make sure you’re receiving the best deal, look for offers like free digitizing on orders over 12 items, which can significantly lower your overall expenses.

Every time you place an order, remember that quality shouldn’t be compromised for the sake of lower prices. Unlike some screen printers, this company specializes exclusively in contract embroidery with in-house experts, ensuring you receive top-quality results without the risk of outsourced errors.

Can I make money selling contract embroidery?

With the right strategy, you can capitalize on the lucrative market of contract embroidery. Remember, decorated apparel is a huge slice of the promo products industry, with annual sales reaching $23 billion. You’re looking at potential recurring revenues and better profit margins by partnering with a dependable contract decorator. Your clients, impressed with the high-quality embroidery, will likely return for more.

Focus on expanding your network while the experts handle the embroidery. Your role is to ensure you’re the distributor everyone thinks of for premium embroidered goods. With competitive pricing, nationwide shipping, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, you have the recipe to make a profit in the contract embroidery business. Keep your service top-notch, and your financial rewards could be significant.

Northwest Custom Apparel is the Oldest Contract Embroidery Shop Since 1977

Since its establishment in 1977, Northwest Custom Apparel has led the way as the industry’s oldest contract embroidery shop. They offer unparalleled expertise and consistent quality in every stitch. Over the years, they have honed their craft, ensuring that logos look top-notch, whether for a small batch or a massive order.

In addition to their embroidery services, Northwest Custom Apparel also offers fulfillment programs and online stores. This demonstrates their commitment to adapting to the times while maintaining the high standards they are known for. Northwest Custom Apparel plans to expand in 2024 with the addition of an 8-head Tajima for large orders and a single head for small orders.

You can trust Northwest Custom Apparel to handle your embroidery needs with the care and precision that only comes from years of dedication. They have built a stellar reputation by consistently delivering exceptional results, making them a go-to for anyone looking for the best in contract embroidery services.

101 5 star google reviews with Northwest Custom Apparel
101 5-Star Google Reviews for Northwest Custom Apparel


You’ve discovered the pinnacle of embroidery excellence with contract embroidery services. Rest assured, your brand’s image will be woven with precision and flair, as countless others have experienced.

You’re in the right hands whether you’re eyeing profits or prestige. And remember, Northwest Custom Apparel has led the charge since 1977, a testament to unmatched tradition and trust.