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Collecting past due payments

Do you have customers that have not paid their bill in 90 or more days? I know I been collecting payment for a long time.  I recommend you go after the client if they’re 60 days or more past due right away. The first thing I do about clicking a bill as I cinnamon email with their invoice that I follow up with a telephone call.  The trick when you’re making a telephone call you want to use a phone other then the company phone maybe use your cell phone so your customer ID will not show up on the phone call. Many customers like to prescreen the phone calls through their secretary and not let  the phone call go through. If you cannot get in touch with the person that needs to pay the bill make sure you leave a message with the secretary and tell it very urgent. 95% of the people now carry cell phones so you send a text message is a great way to get in touch with them. If they don’t answer their phone I know they are getting a text message. Please make sure you let them know who you are and how much money they owe via text message. I try to text message once per day if they still don’t reply I go to two times per day.

Another idea is we have online billing I send them the email with the bill and they can pay online. This trick works well with the customer that is too embarrassed to call with a past due. The credit card processing we use is works great.

The next step I use is actually get in my car and go out and see the person face-to-face. Many customers are shocked when they see me pull up in my truck and get out to collect the money. Most of the customers will say they don’t have the money right now I ask if they can give me a small down payment or anything. Or you can ask if they have anything to trade out like a bicycle or some furniture or anything that they may have a valuable.

The last case resort is take them to collections which really never works out it’s a lose Lose situation. The collection agency really gets paid and they also take an exorbitant amount of fees.

My advice so you don’t end up in this predicament is get 50% down and balance on completion of order.

Good luck and happy embroidering.