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Carolin A. Bray Employee Profile

Carolin Bray 30 ShirtsWe are sending out our 39th Company Newsletter and we are featuring past employees that help build Northwest Custom Apparel.

We are featuring Carolin A. Bray who started at Northwest Embroidery in 1978. Carolin is currently part time and helps out when needed. Here is some info about Carolin Bray.


Camping, Sewing, Jewelry Bending and Photography.


Carolin is the oldest in her family

Where are you from?

Born in Oklahoma and moved to Denver when I was 6 months old. Then to Oregon and to Washington State. Lived in Washington since 1955.

Interesting Things about Carolin

I am the oldest of 10 children. I went to Gault Jr. High and graduated from Lincoln High in 1960. Married my husband, Jim Bray, when I was 21. We’ve been married for 35 years. Jim passed away about 11 years ago. I have no children because I helped my mom raise 9 other kids. We have a 5th wheel trailer  and enjoy camping on the weekends and vacations. I really like craft classes.

Funniest Moment at NW Custom Apparel

Was when an employee called in sick because her alarm clock was on fire.

What did you do at NW Custom Apparel

I started out in the emblem/trim dept. and then to plant supervisor. After that David took my job away as a manager and moved me out of supervision. I then did the shipping and receiving and then back to plant manager after David quit. Mongkon then took over as plant manager. I moved to purchasing.