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Save Big Bucks on Contract Embroidery

Save Big Bucks on Embroidery

You can save big bucks by purchasing your apparel at Costco and sending to Deco Source for the embroidery. We are the largest decorator in the Pacific Northwest. We can easily beat any delivery schedule you have been promised.

We value service3989

Our most important product is service. This is the easiest way to save money on your apparel orders. Buy from Costco or any big box discounter and let us decorate.

Big cost savings from the Big Box Discounters

Big Boxes always have fantastic pricing and you should take advantage of it. The key is the process to get it done and save money.
Discounters can give you a unreal price for apparel but they can’t give you the best of service on decorating your garments. Decosource can offer same day printing on apparel if you get it to our factory in Milton, Wa. by 10 am.
If you need gifts for your holiday party you shouldn’t take the risk of letting anyone use a third party vendor to get your order out on time.
Most important you should consider the set up required for embroidery or screen printing.

Decosource can offer 24 hours for a completed sample. The big box vendor cannot do this. Their process will not permit it. You can expect to wait 2 weeks for an embroidered sample but you definitely will get a good price.

Reduce uniform costs

The easiest way to reduce your employee uniform and apparel costs is to make your bulk purchase from the big discounters. You have to keep your eye open because the product might not be available in the future. This is why you should make the purchase immediately.
Give us a call at Decosource 253-922-5793 or shoot us a e-mail. with all your art work.
Once your art work is received we will begin immediately to start the process to decorate your goods. Our most important product is our service. We have been rated number one in our industry. We have been in business since 1977 and we know what we are doing.