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3 Tips to sell apparel to Buffalo Wild Wings

How to Sell to Buffalo Wild Wings

Are you a small embroidery company and want to branch out and target a fortune 500 account? Selling to a big account is almost easier than selling to a PTA mom that only wants a dozen shirts.

How I landed Buffalo Wild Wings

I am fortunate enough to have a friend that works in the corporate office of Buffalo Wild Wings. Our friendship goes back to the days at Washington State University when my friend Mike graduated with a degree in hotel restaurant management..

Buffalo Wild Wings was using Cintas for over a decade to outfit their staff nationwide. The problem with Cintas is their contracts are iron clad tight and it is extremely difficult to get out of them without paying an enormous penalty.  Since, I knew about the contract, I told Mike all about it and he was able to the Buffalo Wild Wings attorneys to write a letter to Cintas, which allowed them to break the contract.

1 Million a year

I was amazed how big BWW was and how many employees needed to be outfitted. We were talking thousands of employees and 10’s of thousands of t-shirts. I was able to partner with our distributor, Sanmar, and they extended us credit of $800,000 for the initial BWW order.

How to manufacture the shirts

Our company did not have capacity to embroider and screen print the quantities that they needed, so we worked with printers and embroiders around the country. My good friend, Mark Venit, introduced me to some amazing screen printers located on the east coast. (RIP Mark).  We tested some embroider companies out like 5 B’s embroidery and Atlas Embroidery. They did a fantastic job on the order and were able to drop ship directly to the restaurants.  We are in our 3rd year working with BWW and recently we were put on the “preferred vendor list”

My advice is go for the GUSTO and take on a major account. You can subcontract out the work and you will make a ton of money doing it. Ask your shirt vendor to extend you credit. It is a win-win situation for you and the vendor.