Apparel Graphic Academy

How big is Direct to Garment printing

Last year there were over 1.5 billion tee shirts sold in the United States.

Where does Direct to Garment fit into this equation. It’s not even a fly speck on the horizon. However DTG printing is starting to make a statement.

Decosource is the largest DTG printer in the northwest and the only company using the Kornit line of digital printers.

Why the switch to DTG?

The answer is simple it is environmentally safe. Our printing has no carcinogenic chemicals, plastisol or formaldehyde in our ink. We are water based and it is 100% safe for children under 12 years. We suggest reading up on the new consumer protection laws for printed apparel as it applies to children under 12 years. Enforcement is lax but it will start as soon as violaters are identified.

Ability to do multicolor printing

Right behind our environmentally safe printing is the ability to do multicolor printing with no up charges. That’s correct you can have has many colors as you want and you don’t pay extra.

How about delivery?

If we receive good 300dp art work we can offer same day printing. This makes our ability to print memorial or special occasion shirts in time to meet any deadline.

Pre production samples are no problem.

We offer this service to large apparel manufactures who need this service before releasing their order to their overseas manufacturer. Salesmen’s samples can be printed and out to the sales staff without having to set up any more press checks.

In summary DTG is fast, safe for children and is the future of our decorating business.