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The tees made it to the funeral service

Northwest Custom Apparel had a unusual request this week because of our ability to deliver printed tees in one day. A group of gentlemen who belonged to a select club wanted to celebrate their compadre who had just passed. They needed the shirts to wear to the memorial service and […]

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On Demand Direct to Garment Tee

The buzzword these days is on demand printed tees. On demand tees is a new term to promote direct to garment printing. (DTG printing) DTG printing is a completely different process from regular silk screen printing. It is different because DTG does not use screens in the process. The whole […]

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Define the embroidery process

Removing chaos from the embroidery production department. You can bring order to your chaos if you just write it down. We are going to address job descriptions and why they should be written down. This is an excellent way to fine tune your company and define everyone’s responsibilities. Even small […]

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Gross Automat Embroidery Machines

First American made embroidery machines. The Gross Embroidery Automat was the first company manufacturing multihead embroidery machines in the USA. The brothers Charles and Raymond Gross had a lock on the market with their machines. These are the machines first used by golf shirt companies.  Most notably Munsingwear with the […]

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Applique goes to the bottom line

Appliqués save money Appliqués save money because they can reduce stitch count which will allow you to decrease your production time and earn more money. For example we have had 100,000 stitch design reduced to 20,000 using the appliqué technique. One important fact is that appliqués have a higher perceived […]

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Embroidery on knit fabric

Decosource knows how to embroider knit goods better than anyone else. They are heads above the competition and are located in Milton, Wa. Excellent embroidery To achieve excellent embroidery on knit fabrics you must consider the correct needle, compatible backing, topping, hoop, and well a well digitized design. Decosource has […]

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Quality needles mean quality embroidery

  A machine is only as good as the needle it is using. Organ carries the largest inventory of needles for embroidery machines. Their needles are specific for any type of sewing project. Actually there is no needle specific needle for a certain type of machine. There are needles which […]

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Correct use of embroidery backing

What type of backing should you use for embroidery. There are several factors to consider. The stability of the garment, stitch density, color, machine speed are variables which can affect the embroidery design. There are three types of backing you should consider. Tear away, cut away and fusible. One tip […]

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Embroidery backing

Embroidery Backing lends support to beautiful designs Behind every quality embroidery design is quality backing. Backing stabilizes the design and the result is a crisp design. A garment without backing may shrink and cause the design to pucker. Pucker is one word which strikes into the heart of every embroiderer.It […]

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SGIA a DTG Sucess

Las Vegas SGIA 2016 trade show I just returned from the SGIA Trade Show in Las Vegas today. What a show it was. The big topic was Digital to Garment printing. There were companies all over the exhibit floor selling DTG printers. Some were good and some are actually toys. […]