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Jim Snell with Sanmar previews 2020 Fall Apparel

Jim Snell’s transcript of interview Erik Mickelson:                 [inaudible]. Hey guys, welcome to the Referral Sender. It is Friday, September 25th. It’s already fall. It’s crazy. It’s raining outside, the sunshine is gone and we got to be wearing our nice warm fleece right now. So I’m Erik and here’s my […]

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Darel Roa with Darel Roa Photography

September 11th 2020 Darel Roa of Darel Roa Photography will be bringing you some tips and tricks to digital photography. Darel is a long time Edgewood business owner for over 45 years. Darel is a professional who adds heart, soul, joy, and inspiration to his images.

Erik Mickelson Photo of himself for the Apparel Graphic Academy BLOG
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About Erik Mickelson

ABOUT ERIK MICKELSON Erik Mickelson is a contributor and editor for the Apparel Graphic Academy blog.  Currently, Erik is the Operations Manager for his family’s embroidery and direct-to-garment business. Erik grew up in the embroidery business with his father, Jim Mickelson, who founded Northwest Embroidery in 1977. Erik’s Education Undergraduate […]

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The Toyota Way

The Toyota Way Kaizen “continuous change for the better” The “Old Way” is not always the Right Way. Empower the Employees: Let them make decisions New ideas to improve production. Quality, Speed, Employee Morale. Continuous Improvements in the Factory Plant Manager Empower and Engage with the Workers. Let workers think […]

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Carolin A. Bray Employee Profile

We are sending out our 39th Company Newsletter and we are featuring past employees that help build Northwest Custom Apparel. We are featuring Carolin A. Bray who started at Northwest Embroidery in 1978. Carolin is currently part time and helps out when needed. Here is some info about Carolin Bray. […]