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Under Armour Distributor Agreement

Under Armour Promotional Products Distributor Agreement

As a select distributor (re-seller) desiring to offer Under Armour in this channel, you must agree to insure the integrity of the brand will be maintained in this channel, and adhere to standards of consistency in your sales and marketing efforts.
As a qualified distributor (re-seller) of Under Armour, products, you agree to adopt and faithfully adhere to the following re-selling policies as it pertains to all of the brands’ products.

  • Under Armour is offered to distributors that support ongoing brand development with investments in marketing, promotions and sales efforts consistent with insuring the brand’s integrity. All photography and marketing of Under Armour must be pre-approved by Northwest Custom Apparel.
  • Under Armour provides products of advanced quality and performance. For Under Armour to maintain these special product attributes, it is essential that Under Armour’s products and brand be presented to the market in a manner consistent with the premier image they justifiably hold. Except as Under Armour may otherwise specify, advertising and sale of Under Armour products at less than manufacturer’s suggested retail price would be inconsistent with that image, Not withstanding the foregoing, Distributor shall ultimately determine the prices at which Distributor ultimately sells Under Armour products.
  • Distributor may not associate Under Armour products with any qualification that may suggest the products are not those of a premium brand, or that the specific products advertised or offered for sale have a diminished value when compared to the standard Under Armour value. Therefore, without prejudice to the right to establish its resale prices, Distributor may not use terms such as “cheap,” “excess,” or “liquidation” in connection with the Under Armour products on any website, in any advertisement, sponsored link, or any other on-line marketing used, paid for or associated with Internet Dealer.
  • Under Armour will not be sold into the following channels or companies: retail stores, discount retail stores, warehouse clubs, off-price retailers, Internet retailers including Amazon and eBay, jobbers, or any entities intending to re-sell the products into any of these channels.
  • Under Armour will not be sold to any other promotional products distributors, ASI companies or other unauthorized entities re-selling or intending to re-sell the products which are not on-going corporate customers of our authorized distributors.
  • Distributor will not re-sell, directly or indirectly, Under Armour products to companies involved in the alcohol, tobacco, or pornography industries without prior written approval from Northwest Custom Apparel.
  • Distributor must provide the identity of the corporate customer, the purpose of how the UA brand will be used, and the logo application that will be applied to all products.
  • All Under Armour products must be decorated with the corporate client’s logo prior to delivery to the corporate end-user. All orders must be decorated with the customer’s logo by an Northwest Custom Apparel approved embellisher, or by Northwest Custom Apparel directly, prior to shipping. Separate decorating charges apply. All embellishing of Under Armour products will be done in a first-class, professional manner. Decorations relating to colleges, universities, collegiate sports teams, golf courses, golf clubs, or golf country clubs are expressly prohibited.
  • No modification to the Under Armour name, logos or trademarks is permitted by any circumstances.