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DTG Anajet vs Kornit DTG

Today at  Decosource we had a interesting situation surface where one on our competitors (not really) had to deliver a order. The reason they came to to was that their Anajet was broken down and being in the middle of nowhere they were not going to get any repair help and possibly loose a sale.

Decosource and Kornit to the rescue.

The first piece of advice is that if you are going to do DTG printing is purchase two machines no matter how good (Kornit) or crappy the toy manufactures are. You definitely need a back up if you are going to be in the DTG business. Can you imagine spending money on advertising and marketing and you can’t deliver. This is not the first time we have had to bail out a single user DTG printer.

Price is not everything. Penny wise and pound foolish will eventually come to bite you if you believe that buying  one small DTG toy will give you a license to print money.  How can these toy salesmen service machines if you are not in metropolitan neighborhood. How about “we can fix it over the phone.” That deserves a good laugh.

What the toy salesmen are is ink sales companies. The real money is selling ink. Thats why they will practically give you a DTG printer for free because the real money is made on the back end. But if your machine is broken you are dead in the water.

Our company Decosource uses the Kornit which is the most expensive and the best machine on the market. We are located in the Tacoma area and will back our competition up 100%. We delivered today’s order in less than 4 hours.

Should you purchase a new DTG printer.

My recommendation is that before considering the purchase of a DTG machine use a contractor who has the Kornit and get the feel for quality and speed.


JIm Mickelson DTG Expert