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Ad Specialties are a very good way to promote your business

Ad Specialties

Advertising specialties are the neatest gift to give your customers. Everyone appreciates a surprise gift. Especially when it isn’t expected.

Advertising Specialties are the little do dahs you see on people’s desks which always have the logo and name of the company who gave it. Often times they are referred to as “Trinkets and Trash” because they take up valuable desk space. The do take up space and generally they never get removed from the desk.

The most popular items

The most popular ad specialties are coffee cups, ball point pens and baseball caps.

Decosource always makes it a point to give every customer a specialty gift with each order. We have different levels of gifts depending on the value of the order. On decent size orders we give a logoed bag. We give it when customer picks up their order.We have thousands of tubes of lip balm , letter openers and ball point pens to include with every order we deliver. We are firm believers in Ad Specialties.

Customers will eventually order

Another fact is that if you give out advertising specialties to your customers they generally will get on board and want to get some made with their logo.  Marketing  is getting so difficult now a days that any edge you can do will enhance your sales.

The old saying is “the best marketing is to customers your already have.”  Customer acquisition is very expensive in the decorator market so why not spend your dollars wisely and market to your existing customer base.

Another interesting point is that we have customers expecting a Ad Speciality when they come into our sales show room. We give everyone something. We igure that they did take the time to drive to our company they deserve something to say thanks.