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Plastisol Printing Violates the Law


Does Plastisol ink violate the law?

The new Consumer Protection Safety Information Act might say you are violating the law whey you are selling printed tee to the youth market. This sounds unfair but someone in Washington DC has come up with a new regulation that is horrible for screen printers.

A brief summary of the regulation applies to children’s apparel

  • All Screen Printers must comply with all children’s safety rulesImage result for youth tees picture
  • All products have to be lab tested by a CPSC laboratory
  • You must have written proof that your product is in compliance
  • Have permanent tracking information for all orders you print

One rule is that plastisol ink is not approved for printing on apparel being sold to youth market 12 years and under. It’s claimed that plastisol inks have carcinogenic cancer causing compounds.

All products have to be lab tested

This is a killer. The added cost of getting your product tested for sale is expensive and time consuming. You have to use a CPSC approved lab for your testing.

Have proof that you are in compliance

The only way to do this is to get proof from an authorized lab. This regulation will kill all your rush orders and drive your costs up.

Permanent Tracking Information

The objective is to track every order back to the original manufacturer. Screen Printers under this regulation are considered manufacturers. The way to do this is to have all product information attached to the apparel. You cannot use a hang tag or sticker.  You have to print on the garment date of manufacture, order number, batch number and your company’s name.

This is a brief summary and I encourage you to read up on the regulations. The regulations are very impractical for a small printer. If  you sell to the youth market you are subject to a citation and fine. Wasting time to get compliant on each order is foolish and not cost effective.

This opens a clear path to the retail market by companies who have the resources to legally print and sell to the major retailers. No retailer can knowingly purchase shirts for sale unless they are compliant with the regulations.

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