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Refreshing your embroidery business

Friends of Russell Ride for Autism
Friends of Russell Ride for Autism

Refresh your business checklist

Ask yourself why you are in business? Is your purpose to make money or pursue a hobby of making neat looking products? You should consider refreshing your embroidery business.

Are you still in your bedroom or garage with a one head embroidery machine praying for an order?  Obviously you chose this to be close to family or to keep costs down. How many real customers visit your showroom which is your living room? Have you considered moving into a commercial space with a good looking showroom and room to expand?

Are you presenting yourself and company in a professional manner? Have you considered using custom bags for providing the finishing touch on your products?  The old adage about selling the sizzle before the steak is true in this sense.  We at NW Customer apparel use our own custom boxes for our orders. The boxes are so nice that they have become a selling tool because the customer does not throw them away.

Have you considered a thank you card with every order, it does work.

Do your employees look professional? Do you provide them with embroidered garments to wear? This is part your companies sizzle to impress your customer. How much training do you give your employees both on product and machine capabilities?

Have you considered eliminating digitizing and using an offshore company? Ask the question as to much your time means to you. It’s easier to spend $25.00 for a first class design than trying to do it yourself.

Have you considered subcontracting ? This is an easy way to determine your costs and free up your time to go and sell.

How much do you plan? Do you have a calendar detailing your plans for the next six months?  Do you schedule visits to your key customers. Do you schedule mailings to potential prospects?

Think about a company newsletter. They are cheap and easy to make if you have word processing and a printer.

Have you scheduled any tradeshows? This is the easiest way to gather knowledge about our industry. Everyone is more than willing to share information.

How often do you review your pricing? If you are going to move away from the garage into a commercial storefront you need to have healthy margins. In a commercial setting you are competing on a different playing field.

Have you positioned your company? Are you a little bit of everything to everybody? Think focus and pick a few niches and go after them. Right now Health Care and Construction are hot.

Jm Mickelson DTG consultant