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Tee shirt companies no physical address

One thing that really bothers me is screen printers operating out of their garage and then advertising on the internet as if they are a first class operation. Most important they do not print a physical address in their website leaving the consumer ready to be duped.

Decosource does have a physical address in Milton Wa. 2025 Freeman Rd east, 98354. Look it up and you will discover a decorating company who has been at the same location for 35 years.

Decosource has a customer representative who will actually talk to you. Nothing better than hearing the intonation in someone’s voice to give you that comfortable feeling of satisfaction. We also have a large showroom for our customers to select from. Touch and feel is a very important part of the ordering process.

Decosource is  the largest DTG printer in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Same day service is offered. Place the order by 10am and delivery will be before 5pm.


Jim Mickelson DTG expert