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Kornit Printing a Nascent industry waking up

DTG Printing a nascent industry on the cusp of exploding.

That’s a pretty bold statement to make but it is true. Are screen printers turning into dinosaurs? The question is answered by companies who use the latest printing technology from Korneit.

Not quite yet, but the gap for DTG printing is closing as technology improves and prices come down.

Environmental laws are slowing creeping up on anyone using ink and chemicals in their process. Print shops do not have the best housekeeping which gives a wide opening to government inspectors. Screen printers are an easy target for those whose job is to enforce rules and make life miserable.

It might be one day that Berkowitz and Berkowitz is advertising on TV “ Have you worked in a screen print shop, then you should call 1-800-getrich because settlement money is waiting for you.”

Once the government regulates you out of business your next move will be DTG printing.

DTG or Korneit printing is chemical free and meets all GOTS standards. The inks are guaranteed environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and user healthy. Screen print inks do not meet these standards.

Decosource is the only company in the Pacific Northwest who can meet all government regulations for safety. Children under 12 years old can safely wear Decosourse products. Decosource meets all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for children’s apparel. PTA mothers do not want their children exposed to harmful chemicals containing carcinogenic compounds.

Child safety is becoming the issue. Kornit printing relieves all these fears about what a child is wearing and breathing.

To summarize Decosource just south of Seattle in Milton meets all standards of environmental safety.

Decosource is patiently watching as Screen Printers become dinosaurs.


Jim Mickelsn DTG Expert