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4th of July Shirts for Your Northwest Business

The 4th of July 2023 is quickly approaching, and this year should be huge for families, friends, and coworkers to celebrate. Now is the time to consider vintage fourth of July shirts with your company’s custom 4th of July shirts.

Customize Your 4th of July T-Shirt with your company logo.

The fourth of July is one of the biggest summer holidays in the Pacific Northwest. As long as the sun is shining, t-shirts are a great choice. SWAG makes employees happy, and custom 4th of July shirts this year are a fantastic way to treat your new employees. Northwest Custom Apparel is offering its special 4th of July t-shirts in 2023 due to the overwhelming success in 2023. Steve Deland, Northwest Custom Apparel’s graphic artist, has new patriotic flags that are distressed that can be printed on the front and back of the t-shirts.

4th of July T-Shirt Design, red white and blue
This is a company’s 4th of July t-shirt design.

Suggestions for a custom 4th of July T-shirt

You want to stick with a lightweight combed cotton t-shirt that is around 6.1 ounces in weight. The American flag with your company’s logo inside your state is personal and professional. Here is a shirt that Northwest Custom Apparel is selling to its customers in Seattle.

T-Shirt Style PC61 in Charcoal

The PC61 t-shirt is a cute t-shirt that women and men will love. It was rated a 7 out of 10 in Erik Mickelson’s 2023 t-shirt ratings. It is the #1 selling t-shirt by Northwest Custom Apparel, and Taylar and Nika suggest this shirt for your employees. Think PC61, 100% cotton t-shirts for your company.

4th of july t shirts
Add Your Company Design Or Logo to the 4th of July T-Shirt.

How to order your custom 4th of July T-shirts

To order a custom 4th of July t-shirt (not an old navy t-shirt), contact your 4th of July official t-shirt supplier. Northwest Custom Apparel. Remember you must have your order in by May 2nd, 2023, to receive it by this 4th of July.

Contact Northwest Custom Apparel to Place Your 4th of July Shirts by May 2nd 2023.

You can contact Northwest Custom Apparel by calling 253-922-5793 or visiting their website to request information on the 4th of July T-Shirt Special. You can email their sales reps directly at:

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