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Installing a new operating system for a Kornit Printer


It is quite common for equipment manufacturers to change operating systems as new software is being written. Their business model mandates that they write new software upgrades to sell to existing customers.

The problem is that can happen after formatting a hard drive (installing windows 7 over Windows XP) is that the new program won’t work. You might be the victim of a beta test. The software writer hasn’t warned you of this potential failure.

This has happened to Northwest Custom Apparel in the past and we were stranded with a program that did not function. But it will never happen again.

The answer to this problem is that when you are installing new software do not write it over an existing program or operating system. The answer is to buy a new hard drive and keep the old formatted hard drive with programs that work as a backup.

We had this problem again when installing new software on our Kornit printers. Fortunately we installed new hard drives and loaded them with the new program. The new program did not work.

For a $50.00 investment we removed the new hard drives and inserted our old drives back into the computer. The writer of the software did not know this little trick and will be forever thankful that we taught him this little trick.

The result is that we can become operational again using our old software. We can wait while the software developer fixes the glitches.

Word of advice when installing new software. Buy new hard drives and keep your formatted hard drives as backups. I think this will become a part of Kornit’s installation manual.

Jim Mickelson


Northwest Custom Apparel