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Its the embroidery programming stupid

Condensed embroidery digitizing

Condensed data are basically raw digitized information (points or marks) with some commands or variables strategically placed throughout to ease the processing or manipulation of the digitized data.

Condensed data does not actually contain stitches nor does it represent stitches. It is used to create stitches used to run an embroidery machine.

In order to create stitches condensed data must be processed or expande3966d by a computer. The computer contains the punching system (digitizing system) which has the program to convert the program to machine readable language.

Digitizing advancements

This is one of the major advancements in digitizing for altering or sizing a design. Historically changing any design element actually required a re-punching or starting from scratch approach.

From a production standpoint condensed data increases efficiency for changing or modifying designs on the fly.


Scaling the design is the most basic process. A design can be changed from a simple left chest to a full back design in less than a few minutes when a digitizer understands the whole embroidery programming process.

Changing the density of an embroidery design is a fantastic way to save
money. On a super large design say 100,000 stitches a density change of 10% and using a heavier thread will save 20 minutes run time on an embroidery machine. This translates into actual dollars.

Understand embroidery design scalingdigitizing

It is important for the machine operator to understand that scaling up or down especially down can have some horrible consequences. A one inch letter scaled down to a 1/4 inch letter is going to create some serious problems.  In this situation the programmer should try to single stitch the design when scaling down.

Flexibility is a definite benefit to condensed digitizing. If a customer brings in different fabrics or thread requests which present a problem with traditional designs. The key is to change the stitch length for metallic thread or increase density for fleece with a high pile. Very efficient and do it for free.

This is just a small summary of a technical problem with embroidery programming. Deco source can solve this problem with our experienced digitizers. Deco keeps all its programs on file so our customers don’t have to worry about scaling, density or stitch manipulation.