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10 Milton Police Trading cards for a FREE T-Shirt

The Milton Police are having a huge success with their officer trading cards. The program is already in its second month and the community are collecting cards like crazy. Northwest Custom Apparel  is giving away a free t-shirt for the kids that collect 10 or more officer cards. Uncle Jim Mickelson wants every child in the City of Milton to be wearing “I support Milton Police”. Jim believes if we can bring the youth closer to the police that crime could be down to ZERO in a few years.

Show your support of the Milton Police Department  by stopping a Cop and asking for their Cop Card. The officer will be happy to chat with you and give you a card. You can redeem your cards at Northwest Custom Apparel for a free-t-shirt. The t-shirt is a direct to garment printed shirt with the Milton Police logo in the center. Behind the logo is an American Screaming Patriotic Eagle. The text says “I Support Milton Police” . The shirt is a Port Authority 6.1 oz t-shirt which is printed with water-based direct to garment ink by Kornit. The water is 100% green and is non toxic for the  youth of Milton. Parents will not have to worry about their kids wearing prints with carcinogenic inks.  The fabric of the shirt is 100% cotton and the color is Olive Green. This gives the tactical look with the logo. It is the look that kids will LOVE!

Uncle Jim created his video on January 8, 2016 to ring in the New Year and get the Milton Police off to a great start with the community. 2016 will be great year that bonds Milton Police with the community’s youth.  The police usually stop by Surprise Lake Middle School to drop off trading cards, so getting to 10 cards shouldn’t be too hard for the kids.

The kids can get the cards by stopping a cop and saying “Hey I need a trading card”. Uncle Jim specifically stresses in the video “Do NOT dial 911” to get your cop card. The shirts will be available immediately at Northwest Custom Apparel located at the bottom of Milton Way

Enjoy Uncle Jim’s video and remember to get your “cop cards”


I Support Milton Police t-shirt with a direct to garment print on front
I Support Milton Police t-shirt with a direct to garment print on front