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In by 10 delivery by 5 screen printing

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Yes that is a true statement. It is now possible to offer same day tee shirt printing using a Direct To Garment system of printing.

To explain how it is done just review what it takes to print for example an 8 color design on a basic tee shirt.

A 8 color design will require 8 screens and one screen for applying the white ink on a dark garment.

  1. Art separation is the first item to get done
  2. Prepare the films for each color
  3. Burn the screens
  4. Wash out the screens
  5. Dry screens and block out the design
  6. Align the screens for registration
  7. Print a sample or press check
  8. Print tees
  9. Clean up the screens
  10. Breakdown the carousel and set up for next order

Now let’s examine the DTG process.

  1. Create art on the computer
  2. Save art as a PNG file
  3. Upload to RIP software
  4. Transfer design to printer and print
  5. Cure design and it’s done.

The advantage of time is so important now that clients are getting accustomed to same day service.  This is pure hell for a screen printer who has to try and meet customer demands.

The old days of delivery in less than two weeks is starting to exit the process. Customers want it now. Decosource has 3 state of the art Kornit printers which allows us to make a same day delivery. Our motto in by 10 out by 5 will hold up.

DTG printed garments are now holding up under heavy washing and can go toe to toe with screen printing when it comes to the life of the garment.

The two scenarios above resulted in the fact that the DTG process is more efficient than the screen printing process.  The screen print would take at least 5 hours where the DTG would take less than a hour.