Welcome to the Apparel Graphic Academy

The Apparel Graphic Academy is looking forward to some new and exciting programs for 2015

  • Onsite Classroom: You will have class in an actual embroidery factory with 20 employees and 100 embroidery heads. The classes start July 2015.
  • Management Training: 10 select students will be visiting our academy in Las Vegas. Jim Mickelson, industry veteran, will be hosting the embroidery training seminars.  The cost of the training seminar is $2,500.00 per person. Please ask for more details
  • Shopworks Training:  If you currently are using Shopworks as your embroidery management software, you are eligible for onsite training at the Apparel Graphic Academy.
  • Sanmar Product Training: We will train you in selling embroidered apparel using Sanmar product. You will receive a tour of Sanmar and 1 on 1 training on their product.
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Embroidery Training Since 1977

Sample Job Description: Embroidery Production Manager


POSITION: Production Manager


To keep the embroidery factory running efficiently and effectively while producing the highest quality embroidery in the Northwest.


  • Manage the Embroidery Factory
    • Manages all factory employees.
    • Human Resources
      • Hire and Fire
      • Handle employee problems: Attendance and Attitude
      • Reviews Timecards
      • Makes sure employees follow the handbook rules.
    • Quality Control
      • Fixes quality control issues.
      • Makes sure embroidery quality is the Northwest’s BEST.
    • Productivity:
      • Oversees the production output by entering it into Shopworks.
      • Manages employees to make sure they know how to use their machines.
      • Schedules production due dates.
    • Other Duties
      • Scans run cards
      • Marks shipped in Shopworks
      • Works with office and outside sales on order questions
      • Runs machines, sew patches, merrow, trim, steam.
      • Purchases Supplies from Costco
      • Checks in: Thread, bobbins, tape and other supplies
      • Helps with Shipping and Receiving.
      • Tracks down missing run cards.
      • Picks out garments
      • Locks up building
      • Oversees Christmas party and potlucks.
      • Creates run cards