Company Merchandise stores


Company stores are the best medium to distribute apparel to your employees. Northwest Custom Apparel is your first choice

Reasons for choosing a company store from Northwest Custom Apparel

  • Allows employer or employee committee to select apparel to be given to employees.
  • Allows selection of custom logo for apparel Choose a custom logo for an event
  • No requirement to purchase apparel. Only pay for what was ordered
  • No inventory requirement
  • Purchase on demand
  • HR Manager has no confusing problems in taking orders and distributing merchandise

Making the HR Manager happy

The reasons for the above are to make a HR Manager’s life hassle free. Trying to figure out what to give your employees is confusing. This option is to make your team a part of the selection process.

Distributing company caps

Distributing caps from a company store will guarantee each branded cap will be worn and will get at least 3,300 views in its lifetime. This is an inexpensive way to show off the company’s brand. Your cost is less than 3 cents per impression

Erik Mickelson, Northwest Custom Apparel
Erik Mickelson, Operations Manager, Northwest Custom Apparel poses for his 2016 Staff Photo. Erik joined his father, Jim, after graduation from Washington State University in 1996.

Custom decorated apparel will get even more looks. A full back tee shirt is an inexpensive way to get your message out. In a year a tee shirt will capture at least 4,000 eyeballs. At $10.00 per shirt it will cost less than 2 cents for each eyeball.

If the company decides to allow employees to purchase company merchandise the collection process is a slam dunk. Employees will be able to order and pay for all merchandise on line. Another option is payroll deductions to cover the cost.

Best Benefit

The best benefit of a company store is getting the brand out and making everyone a winner. Employees get branded merchandise and the company gets brand recognition.

Northwest Custom Apparel has been doing company stores and have a good track record putting them together.  It has proven to be a moral builder and a great marketing tool.




screen printed tee shirts

T Shirt Quality

There is a difference in tee shirt quality. Many manufacturers have introduced premium tee shirts which are a little finer, a little heavier and sized to fit. These are the styles that Northwest Custom Apparel offers its customers.

The norm is now customers are asking for a better grade of tee. A premium T-shirt is knitted using ring-spun rather than open end yarns. In ring spun goods the fibers are all aligned in the same direction. Open end spinning produces the cotton fibers run in random directions.

Regular Cotton

Manufacturing regular cotton is less expensive than ring spun and does offer breathability the softness is just not there. However they are great for promotions like a race, a company picnic, fund raiser or when price is the determining factor in purchasing.

Ring spun definitely gives you a much nicer yarn says Jim Mickelson CEO of Northwest Custom Apparel. Being ring-spun makes it stronger and makes the fiber more uniform. This is where you get the softer hand which takes the stiffness out of a finished tee.

The other fundamental distinctions between a premium and a mid-range Tee consists of the amount of fabric. We see more and more oversized tees being asked for along with a heavier tee and a larger size.

Taped Seams

There is also a belief that taped seams make for a better shirt. All this does is add to the cost. The stitches used in making the shirt are so good that taping is not necessary and just adds to the cost.

Double stitching on the sleeves and at the waist adds to the strength of the garment.

As with any purchase, you must determine what’s most important to you, what you’ll be using your shirts for, and how much you want to spend. Though ring spun cotton is generally a bit more expensive, the added cost is minimal and will not break the bank. As the old adage goes, buy nice or buy twice.


Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

If you are going to get active in social media Decosource has a few tips for you to be aware of. These tips might help you grow your business.

  1. Define what you are going to focus on and blog like crazy about it. If you are selling polo shirts you should write something about the advantages of using logoed apparel. Write about how polo is made. Write about the fabric. Use the description provided by suppliers.
  2. Blog every day. If the blogs are bad Google doesn’t care all you need is content. You have to blog every day. It is so important to get your name out to the internet. Purchasing Search Engine Optimization will not work. Take the time to do it yourself.
  3. Always write something of value for the person reading your blog. For example this blog might help you. Write about the advantages of using your product and service. You probably have a good customer service staff that can outperform anyone on the internet. Trying to close a custom order via e-mail.
  4. Write what might be value to your customer base. If you have value content they will read it.
  5. Don’t try and sell anything through your blog. Just write and they will come.
  6. When you do get that question steer your customer to a landing page in your website. Once you start answering questions you are providing something of value to a prospect.
  7. Use pictures in your blog. People will actually stop and look at a picture. Take advantage of that camera in your cell phone. Take interesting pictures and get them up on the web.
  8. Thank your customers in your blog. Use their name and insert links to their websites. When a customer realizes you are directing traffic to their website the rewards will be great.
  9. Blogs are fun and rewarding. Blog every day and you will reap the rewards in a couple of months. It will not happen overnight.