Marketing DTG and selling DTG

Marketing DTG printing

Direct to garment printing is not exactly new to the decorated apparel industry. However it is starting to get recognized as a decoration of choice. The benefits for DTG need to be incorporated into any marketing program a decorator choosing.

The best way if you are a newbie is to start printing sample shirts. Taking advantage of easy production should let you do at least two shirts a day and present Saleto your client.

At Northwest Custom Apparel we have a program called the WOW program. We print sample shirts on the fly and send them to our customer data base. The results are really good. We let our customer know it is easier for us to send a free sample and stay away from a time consuming sales call.

Sales calls are expensive

Our customers who are business owners see our logic. They agree that the days of making sales calls are expensive and time consuming. In the Seattle area we are rated number 5 in bad traffic. Going to Seattle is a half day event for us. Why should we go when we can get UPS to do the driving?

Another marketing tool we like to use is direct mail. There are so many companies offering printing and mailing services that it would be crazy not to take advantage of this bargain.

Post Cards

We like to design a nice post card and then send to our targeted customer data base. On average a 1,000 piece print and mailing will run about $800.00. This is a bargain when you can stay in front of your customers on a regular basis.

E Mail marketing

E-mail marketing will work if you have a strong customer base who will open your e mails. One thing to be aware of is the fact that you might get a lot of spam bounces. This can hinder your whole direct mail program if start getting a lot of rejection.

In summary we recommend first actual samples, the direct mail and finally e-mail.

The tees made it to the funeral service

Northwest Custom Apparel had a unusual request this week because of our ability to deliver printed tees in one day. A group of gentlemen who belonged to a select club wanted to celebrate their compadre who had just passed. They needed the shirts to wear to the memorial service and felt this was a wonderful way to celebrate their friends passing.d639y-micheal-reyes-front

Northwest was able to accommodate this request because we have the most advanced technology in our factory when it comes to direct to garment printing. Our company has the Kornit printers which are the state of the art direct to garments printers. Why can we make this statement? The largest on line retailer in the world has purchased the Kornit printers.

The biggest advantage of using the Kornit printing system is that is it is fast and can print as many colors needed in the design. This allows the set up process to be fast and quick.
We get a design which has completed art work in Adobe or Corel which allows us to transfer the design to our computer and start printing.

Can you imagine someone wanting a multi-color design printed immediately (memorial service). It is a nightmare for a screen printer to try to cut screens and make a delivery of 20 shirts in one day or less. The cost would go through the roof.  With digital the cost is generally around $40.00.  This is a real deal.

Having the Kornit printer has expanded existing technology to meet the demands of young millennials who have grown up on fast food, Amazon, and on line ordering. It’s fun to be able to meet their demands and deliver a product which  fulfills their requirements.23623-megan-hanson-sw
To summarize the club who wanted to memorialize their friend would have never have happened if it weren’t for the advances in garment printing technology.


On Demand Direct to Garment Tee

The buzzword these days is on demand printed tees. On demand tees is a new term to promote direct to garment printing. (DTG printing)
DTG printing is a completely different process from regular silk screen printing. It is different because DTG does not use screens in the process.
The whole process of not using traditional screening means quicker set up time. It also means no dangerous chemicals will be used in the process. Generally screen print inks contain formaldehyde and solvents with carcinogenic compounds. The day is coming when we will see ads on late night television reading “did you work in a screen printing shop and do you have a breathing problem? Call 1-800-screen ink for help.”
Screen printing inks are just not healthy, the chemicals stink, and they are messy and dangerous.02092017_191154_6393851900
Digital to Garment printing is so much cleaner. There is no mess, the inks are environmentally friendly and there is no ugly smell.
Northwest Custom Apparel is a on demand printer. We have two Kornit printers manufactured in Israel. These monsters can churn out environmentally friendly apparel. The products are 100% kids safe. PTA fundraisers now don’t have any serious liabilities when fund raising with DTG printed tees.

On demand printing means you can come up with an idea on day one and on day two you can have your product in hand. Decosource is the only company in the Seattle/Tacoma who can offer this service

Memorial shirts are very popular to honor a loved one who has passed and wants to be remembered at the celebration of life.


Ridgeline Girl's Basketball with Coach Daniel J. Helms
The Ridgeline Gir’s Basketball Team went undefeated for the 2015-2016 Season. Coach Daniel Helms from Yelm lead the way

Championships need to be celebrated and this is easily done with on demand tees with a nice graphic on the front highlighting the victory. The shirts you see on TV for championship games are all done as on demand printing.
To summarize Decosource can do on demand hoodies or tees and meet all your emergency garment printing requirements.