Customers that want discounts

We are in our 4th quarter busy season at our embroidery company.  I had a difficult customer that came in to pick up their beanies and he wanted to have a discount. The customer already knew the price before placing the order. He wanted a $72.00 discount because he believed he should receive the larger quantity discount. This customer orders $300.00 every 2 years. I stuck to my guns and didn’t give him a discount and he paid and stormed out of our office. The next day he called back and apologized to me for his rude behavior. He said our prices are fair and our quality is excellent. He will be coming back for more future business. Just remember to stick to your pricing and don’t give into the customer that wants to chisel your price down.

Author: Erik Mickelson

Erik Mickelson is a 2nd generation embroider with NW Custom Apparel. Erik started in the custom apparel business in 1997 after graduating from Washington State University. Erik is the Operations Manager and works along side his father, Jim, at NW Custom Apparel. Erik enjoys working out, studying for his Masters and spending time with his lovely wife, Wendy.